Eco-friendly electrolysis water for household use.

Electrolysis water is used in various areas of daily life.
FOURBIRDIE is a reliable electrolysis water spray bottle for home cleaning. Usually used in the industrial settings, it is also safe and reliable for use for other common cleaning needs.

Available at many top retail shops and quickly recognized as the next generation of spray cleaning product.

Introduction of household electrolyzed water

FOUR BIRDIE is the solution as both cleaning and deodorizing.

No chemical synthetic substances are used.
Using only Electrolyzed water, it is gentle for the skin. Also SAFE AND RELIABLE for babies and young children.

Unlike dish detergent, there us NO NEED To RINSE.

Very ECONOMICAL because it can be diluted from 2~10times.

Can be used for oil spots around a kitchen, washing and disinfecting toys, removing stains from carpets and clothing, etc.
Useful in wide variety of settings such as homes with young children or elderly; FOURBIRDIE appeals to those who are health-conscious, environmentally aware, disaster aware and those who like to cook.


Information about our hand-operated washer.

Electrolyzed water is very useful for eco-friendly cleaning.

A hand-operated washer

Wonder White

Perfect for small amount of washing (pair of socks, a shirt or a blouse). The diluted detergent is economical to use since it saves water and electricity.
Despite the retro design reminiscent of a washboard, it is a highly efficient laundry tool.
「wonder white」could be used with general detergent. For those of us who are accustomed to using automatic washing machines, 「wonder white」provides a sense of calm and peace.
For simple living, 「wonder white」doubles as a stylish chair or stool.



We are expanding our electrolyzed water generator business for industrial cleaning both domestically and inter …